Truck carrying eels overturns, covers cars in slime (Video) | 2017-07-14 |

Truck carrying eels overturns, covers cars in slime (Video)

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Truck carrying eels overturns, covers cars in slime (Video)

The police and fire department in Oregon, US were faced with a slimy task when a truck carrying nearly 3,500 kilos of hagfish overturned on a highway.


Truck driver Salvatore Tragale was driving on Highway 101 with 13 containers of hagfish, also known as slime eels. A part of the road was blocked for construction work and the driver couldn't stop in time resulting in containers flying across the highway and causing a five-car crash, as reported by The Oregon Live.

And a whole lot of slimy gunk. Hagfish are known to produce slime when in distress, which explains all the goo.


According to police, people in the cars that were hit by the container only suffered minor injuries.

In a few hours, the road was cleared out and firemen washed the hagfish away but the pictures will haunt the internet forever.


Some poor firemen were assigned the dreadful task of cleaning up the slimy mess.


And Oregon transport department signed off with this tweet summing up how we all feel after seeing the photos.

The hagfish were reportedly on their way to Korea for 'consumption'. Now, they don't have to worry about that.


Source: NDTV