Strong winds tossing a car like it's nothing (Video) | 2017-08-01 |

Strong winds tossing a car like it's nothing (Video)

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Strong winds tossing a car like it's nothing (Video)

A New York state man's home security camera captured the moment strong winds from a tornado lifted his car off the ground.


Kevin Karas posted a video to Facebook showing footage from a home security camera that was pointed at his driveway in Hamburg during a Thursday storm that saw two tornadoes touch down in the town.


This poor car getting tossed around like a tricycle is simply another example of the incredible powers of Mother Nature.

Another angle of the incident shows what appears to be a funnel quickly moving through the neighborhood as the car is briefly lifted off the ground.


The video, which has been viewed over 2 million times already, shows the car spinning sideways after being tossed up like a piece of cardboard. The powerful wind also takes with it a trailer parked in the driveway. Trash cans are also thrown around.


The tornado was reportedly rated EF2, which means an estimated maximum wind speed of 105 miles per hour, reports