French surviving baby panda in ‘perfect health’ | 2017-08-06 |

French surviving baby panda in ‘perfect health’

    6th August, 2017 01:57:37 printer

French surviving baby panda in ‘perfect health’

The first baby panda born in France is in good health and feeding from its mother, staff at Beauval Zoo said Saturday, as they came to terms with losing its twin, reports AFP.

Zookeepers were on alert to ensure that the surviving panda cub of twins born on Friday makes it through the touchy first week of its life. “The first week is the most difficult because it is still very fragile,” the zoo’s chief vet Baptiste Mulot said on Saturday.

But the early signs appeared to be good.


“He is breastfeeding from his mother, we’ll see if we have to supplement that with milk brought by the two Chinese carers...” he added.

The Chinese team, from the centre for breeding pandas in Chengdu southwest China, had already given the panda three bottle feeds, giving it somewhere between 1-1.3 millilitres of milk.

Huan Huan “is a very protective mother, which is very good, but that complicates the work of the Chinese carers a bit when it comes to taking the cub away every two hours,” said Mulot.