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Easy home solutions to get rid of cockroaches your kitchen

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Easy home solutions to get rid of cockroaches your kitchen



Every kitchen falls prey to cockroaches at some point of time. The reasons can be many – unhygienic domestic condition, keeping food uncovered, dirty drain pipes and small crevices. They spread fast, emit unpleasant odours and produce hissing sound that’s irritating. The debris created by cast-off cockroach skins, dead bodies and droppings can aggravate allergies especially in children and sensitive people. These kitchen monsters are held responsible for dangerous diseases like asthma as well.


Cockroaches are hard to kill. They can be eliminated only with the right technique. Are you fighting a losing battle of controlling cockroaches in your kitchen? Win this kitchen war by using few cooking ingredients.


Mix boric acid, corn starch, sugar and coffee altogether. Sprinkle in every corner, sink and shelves of your kitchen. You’ll find a large number of cockroaches dead the very next day.


Spray mint oil in the sink and every corner where cockroaches are more likely to build their nests and breed. It’s a good non-toxic way of keeping cockroaches away from your kitchen.


Cockroaches can’t stand the citric smell. Add lemon juice to water and use it to mop kitchen tops, shelves and floors. The anti-pathogenic properties of lemon will drown away dirty nuisances.


Cucumber is an excellent organic cockroach repellent that is non-toxic too. Spread some cucumber slices and peels around the kitchen counters, cabinets, sink and corners overnight. Cockroaches will leave your home easily.


Dilute Listerine solution with some water and spray it in every corner of your kitchen to get rid of cockroaches.


Spread bay leaves on kitchen shelves, near sink holes and every corner and crevice to eliminate these filthy pests.


Cockroaches can’t stand the smell of the solution made by mixing the pulp of an onion, a garlic clove and a litre of water. Add one tablespoon of pepper powder to it. Sprinkle the solution on kitchen tops, floors and sink at night and say bye to cockroaches.


Cockroaches can inflict chaos at your home. Perhaps, they’re the most harmful pests. Maintain cleanliness and undertake the task that doesn’t leave harmful traces behind.


Bye cockroaches!