Nawaz's 'homecoming' journey resumes from Rawalpindi to Lahore | 2017-08-10 |

Nawaz's 'homecoming' journey resumes from Rawalpindi to Lahore

Sun Online Desk     10th August, 2017 03:32:30 printer

Nawaz's 'homecoming' journey  resumes from Rawalpindi to Lahore



Ousted prime minister Nawaz Sharif's procession entered its second day on the streets as he resumed a long road trip back to his hometown, Lahore, via the Grand Trunk (GT) Road on Thursday after an overnight stay in Rawalpindi, reports Dawn.


By nearly 2pm, the rally had reached Ayub Park, and the rate at which it was travelling had slowed considerably since it resumed its journey this afternoon.


Earlier, an estimated 1,500 workers joined the procession as it set off from Punjab House, Rawalpindi.


There is greater deployment of police in the twin cities today as compared to the first day of the rally, but fewer cars are accompanying the procession today than yesterday.


What was said to be a show of the party's political muscle, especially in Rawalpindi which has traditionally been a stronghold for the PML-N, had lower turnout of supporters than expected, despite the party describing the ousted PM as "the prime minister of hearts".


The procession was subjected to criticism, particularly from opposition leaders, who drew a comparison to the Pakistan Tehreek-i-Insaf's (PTI) 2014 dharna, which pulled and sustained hordes over a period of 126 days.


PTI's Usman Dar, on a DawnNews talk show, was of the opinion that when PTI Chairman brought the people out onto the street, he was rallying against corruption. "Nawaz Sharif has come out to save that corruption," Dar said, observing that the country had not seen him travel on GT Road in the four years that he had been prime minister.


"He has taken out a funeral procession for his politics by means of this rally," Dar added.


Prior to his departure from Rawalpindi's Punjab House, Sharif held a meeting with PML-N officials, including Interior Minister Ahsan Iqbal and Marvi Memon, and expressed anger with the Rawalpindi administration over the low turnout of supporters for his rally, DawnNews reported.