Making footbridges usable | 2017-08-13 |

Making footbridges usable

    12th August, 2017 09:53:22 printer

In a bid to making signal-free roads and allowing less interruption from jay walking of people to moving vehicles, footbridges have been installed in the city. The main objective of installation of such bridges for pedestrians is to lower the risk of accidents. But, these are not serving the purpose they are meant to as people do not prefer using them. However, there are several other compulsions than the desires to be lawless or selective in the use of the structures. According to a daily sun report published yesterday, most of the footbridges in the capital are unusable.

It is really shocking to witness the outrageous state of encroachment on the footbridges. Such installations at relatively busy and important intersections remain largely occupied by hawkers and makeshift shop owners. They leave inadequate space for pedestrians to pass through.


Members of the law enforcement agencies nearby remain helpless or oblivious of the situation.

 Also, over bridges are not conveniently positioned in some places to serve the best interest of the pedestrians. Either they are far away from where the people could use or situated where their movement is the minimum. Many have become dwellings of homeless people and drug abusers. They often stay for long on the bridges to pass away their idle time. Also, harassment of women by them is not uncommon. Pedestrians try most not to use the bridges occupied by unwanted elements.

Many footbridges are taken over by muggers, snatchers, sex workers and other criminals, especially in the evening. Criminals take advantage of inadequate lighting arrangements to commit crimes there. So, people, in general, do not use these structures at night for safety reasons.  Also, these bridges are unnecessarily higher than the required height and so are physically taxing for use.

For making these useful structures conveniently usable the city authorities should be conscientiously smart in determining their standard height and placement. And they should take adequate measures for ensuring the security of users and maintenance of the bridges.