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Simple tips on how to stop yawning

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Simple tips on how to stop yawning


Yawning is contagious and said to be good for the brain, but it may indicate boredom, drowsiness or inadequate sleep and rest. It may also be a sign of anxiety or overheated brain, according to studies.

So try to stay cool and easy, and prevent that yawn.



Yawning is a sudden involuntary reflex and at times a yawn may strike at the most unexpected time.  There are several theories about why people yawn and it is said that a relaxed body and mind, adequate rest and sound sleep may help prevent yawning. However, you yawn even when you are not tired and at times, repeatedly.


Yawning can cause embarrassment or an awkward moment when you suddenly yawn in the middle of a meeting or at public places. Can it be really prevented or stopped?


What should you do to stop yawning at odd times?


Relax: Try to relax. Take a deep breath and try to ease yourself from tension or worries.


Stay cool: Keep your body cool. Wear cool clothes and press a cold pack on your head before stepping out.


Cool food: Munch refrigerated snacks and fruits. Avoid warm or hot food if you are heading off to a meeting. Eat foods that have a cooling effect on the body.


Drink cool:  Drink ice-cold water or cold beverage, Or simply down some liquid and keep your body well hydrated.


Cool place: Keep your environment cool and sit in a cool place. Avoid warm places.