How to feel young? | 2017-09-13 |

How to feel young?

Sun Online Desk     13th September, 2017 10:17:16 printer

How to feel young?



Youthfulness is the essence of eternal beauty. So feel young to look young. Yes! But how to feel young? Get high on life! This is simple but it is no small matter. Getting high on life is the mantra to feel young and look younger.


How to look younger is an age-old question. And there are cosmetic, natural and medical remedies to slow down the ageing process and make you look younger. However, how to feel young is a bigger question. To feel younger is an internal factor that makes you appear younger in all aspect.


How you feel reflects on your look.  It is difficult to hide emotions and emotions sad or happy or angry are often made visible on the face.  So if one has to look good or younger, it is important to feel good and young within.


The state of our inner being is an essential part of wellness. And the feel young factor is the most important part of looking younger than ever. No cosmetics or medicine or food can make you feel young.


One has to see the beauty in life, imbibe the many good things around and learn how to remain young at heart. Only a person young at heart can feel young which will in turn make you look younger.


Recently, singer Miley Cyrus taught celebrated TV host Ellen DeGeneres on her show – The Ellen DeGeneres Show – how to feel young.  The two mentioned being “high on life” as the key to feel good.


Yes! Get high on life!


It is easy be aware of the things around you. Notice the beauty of life and Get high on life


“Food photos are just kind of like a celebration of life,” Cyrus explained about sharing food photos on Instagram.


“I think we take, you know, food for granted and a photo helps remind us of the beauty that’s in front of us every single day,” the singer added.


So, do not take small things for granted. See all the beauty around you, in front of you everyday. Be thankful for a sparkling sunny day or a cool rainy day, look at the beauty of refreshing green plants, riots of bloom, the blue sky, follow the white rolling clouds and just move with the flow.


Enjoy the beauty of a simple cup of tea or coffee and the food that gives you strength and power for the day. Look at the smallest of things before you and what it does  to you. Do the things you want to do, regardless of how old you are and enjoy the moment.  Stay happy and feel good.