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Five secrets to youthful skin

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Five secrets to youthful skin


As the summer comes around in full swing, we ladies start noticing the changes in our skin — dry and patchy skin with oily T zones. Add to that the stress pimples and PMS, it’s a major disaster waiting to happen! Getting sleepless nights over dull skin?


Be it wrinkles, blemishes, pimples or signs of aging, they are definitely not a part of the summer body. As we age, as our body also changes and our youthful skin also undergoes dramatic changes. The elasticity of our skin goes down and dullness takes over. But not to worry, there’s help right here! Known to maintain a perfect balance between family and work, we often put ourselves in the backseat.


But our resilience has surely prepared us to face any challenge head on! These five summer beauty hacks will always be in your kitty to help regain your glow and allow you to feel beautiful inside and out:


H20 for that glow


But here’s how you can realistically have at least two to three litres (12 to15 glasses) of water every day. Gradually, make this your holy-grail habit! Throughout the day, keep sipping some water after every one to two hours. You can also try lemon or cucumber infused the water. Maintain a checklist of total glasses of water you have at during the day!


You can carry a small water bottle in case you’re on the go. This way you’ll never be parched and always stay hydrated! Water detoxifies your overall system and flushes out the toxins giving you a pimple-free skin.


Ageless beauty with Vitamin E: Incorporate your daily diet with rich sources of Vitamin E like avocados, spinach, almonds and sweet potatoes. These can help brighten and rejuvenate your parched skin, and repair the damaged skin tissues, thus giving you a radiant and fresh look.


Schedule sleep cycles


Disturbed sleep pattern is one of the main reasons behind dark circles and puffiness around your eyes. Make it a point to get a good sound sleep of six to eight hours. An effective home remedy to remove tiredness and puffiness is applying chilled tea bags under your eyes for five to seven minutes in the morning. This will reduce the swelling and puffiness, thus refreshing the skin around your eyes.


Supplement your diet with antioxidants


Foods like strawberries, blueberries, kiwi, tomatoes, and broccoli fight against inflammation and reduce the signs of premature aging. With age, the elasticity of skin reduces and your skin begins to thin out. Foods rich in antioxidant foods can help in preserving and maintaining your skin’s youthful appearance and boost the elasticity in your skin.


Nut munchies for that flawless glow


Start your day with the crunchy hearty nuts like almonds and walnuts which impart a healthy and glowing skin. Power-packed with Omega -three fatty acids, they are a great way to protect your skin against free radicals, keeping your skin hydrated, soft, and pimple-free.


Over to you


Now that you’ve bagged the secrets to youthful skin and freshness in the summer months, it’s time to put these to use and follow them religiously! Try them and feel the difference almost instantly. Even on the bad days, these hacks are sure to be your saving grace. And don’t forget that glowing skin is always in!