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Dr. Baker, a man with distinguished humanity

Dr. Nazmul Islam     12th April, 2018 04:32:27 printer

Dr. Baker, a man with distinguished humanity

The full name of this person is Dr Edric Baker. The New Zealand-born doctor who was affectionately called ‘Daktar Bhai’ by his patients. He dedicated most his life catering to the health needs of poor people in Madhupur area. He came in Bangladesh in 1979 with a view to help to the poor people and he believes that there is no religion above than humanity.


He started a health center titled ‘Kailakuri Health Care Center’ in Moduhpur Upazila, Tangail, for giving treatment to the unprivileged people. When he began this health center, it was too short but today it has turned into a big institution. Now his health center is giving treatment to the unprivileged people of Tangail, Jamalpur, Maymensingh with a very low cost. His health center is a blessing for the destitute people in the area.


 Dr Baker was born in Welington, New Zealand, in 1941. He put an end his Primary and higher education in his local town. In 1960, he was admitted to Otago Medical College in Dunedin. In 1965, he completed his graduation in medical science from mentioned college. Then he went to Sydney (Australia) in 1970 for post-graduation. After completing a diploma degree in tropical medicine in Sydney, he returned to his motherland. He received a diploma degree on midwifery from Auckland University in 1971. He got a Diploma degree on Child from Liverpool University, UK in 1977.


He got an inspiration for being a doctor from the pain of cutting his fingers at his early age. From the very beginning of his life, he was persecuted for doing something for humanity. This incidence made it easy for him for being a doctor.In 1968, he went to Vietnam as a volunteer to work with the NZ Surgical Team in Qhi Nhon, the provincial capital of Binh Dinh Province in South Vietnam. The Surgical Team worked at the Province Hospital and attended to civilian casualties. While he was working there, he learned about the liberation war of Bangladesh through the newspapers. After knowing the worst condition of Bangladeshi people in liberation war, he decided that he will come in Bangladesh.


According to his plan, he came in Bangladesh in 1979.After coming to Bnagladesh, He joined as a Medical Officer in Boolovpur Mission hospital in Meherpur District. In 1981, he came to Tangail and joined the Kumudini Hospital as a medical officer of the Child affairs. But his mind did not give him permission to work there so he came to Madhupur(Tangail) Uapzila.He joined as a Medical In-Charge in Church of Bangladesh Hospital. He was there till 2004.


In front of this principle, "Medical treatment of the poor people by the poor people  ", He established “Kailakuri Health Care Project”  in 2004.It was founded on 4  acre lands .Everyday more than 100 patients get treatment from this  center on outdoor basis  with a very little amount. In small clay houses there are diabetes department, tuberculosis department, mother and children department, training room, maternity care department. At a time, around 35 patients are able to admit there. There are two-monthly rotating internee doctors from Gonoshashtaya Samaj Vittil Medical College and Hospital.Recently,the authority appointed Rakibur Islam Rakib as a medical officer.


A well-known producer and presenter Hanif Sanket of Bangladesh made a documentary on Mr. Baker and He disinterred this documentary in Ittadi on 3oth December of 2011.Bangladesh government has given citizenship to Mr. Baker on August 5, 2014 for his contribution to serve the people of the marginalized people. In 1999, he was awarded "Officer of the New Zealand Order of Merit" in his home country. The great servant died on 1st September of 2015.Though he died but he continues his work by holding his idea in the Kailakudi Health Care Project’s staff.


After his demise, the staffs of Kailakuri Health Care Project wished to turn this organization after Dr Baker’s name titled as “Daktar Baker organization for well-being.” To do so, they applied to the Department Of Social Service, Government of the People's Republic of Bangladesh and finally they got the desired registration. The registration no is ট - ম - 2402/ 2017. Dr Baker was looking for a person like him while he was alive. Who will come here and take the responsibility of his project to help the poor and the helpless patients. The news was spread in other countries in the world. After receiving the news, two American couple's doctors, Dr Jason Morgenson and Dr Merindy Morgenson expressed their desire to work here. They are preparing themselves to join here. If everything is ok, they will come within next two months.


Dr. Nazmul Islam is a Medical Officer at Gonoshasthaya Samaj Vittik Medical College