Children without Childhood | 2015-07-23 |

Children without Childhood

Tauhidul Islam     23rd July, 2015 10:22:18 printer

Children without Childhood

Now a day, many of our children do not have that evergreen and adventurous childhood we once had. We cannot help contemplating on the alarming up-side-down condition of the children's psychophysical world suffering of the digital age and unscrupulous trends of the society.


Here we'll talk about some cases that will represent the newly aggravated condition of the children in our country.


Board on a real time machine travelling through your memory! Go back to those days of your own childhood! And ask yourself what elements of joys and sorrows you had in those days. I believe, the most prompt reply is- the unlimited access to the greenery, the adventurous sports such as ha-du-du, gollachut, football, cricket, swimming and singing

with the birds (as we used to mock at the cuckoo). That was a real fantasy kingdom unlike our artificial Fantasy Kingdom.


And now ask your children how they pass their 24 hours?

In most cases, the reply is- rising from sleep, going to school, returning home, going to private tutors, preparing the lessons; then, if the time is manageable, indulging in video gaming, smart-phoning and so called social networking. And the scenario has become almost the same in the big cities and small ones, towns and villages.  No more group playing and singing. No more youthful utterance:


Ki kori aj vebe na pai;

Poth hariye kon bone jai...


Nowadays, our children have been losing their childhood with the unscrupulous trends of exam-phobia and the maddening race to a glorious future killing the present. The increasing number of suicides and un-exposed suicidal approaches of the failed GPA-hunter children is an eye-opening message.


The condition of those living below the poverty-line is pointless to say. Pointless too to say about those who have turned into grown ups in their teens due to child labour.


Our school students do not have access to a healthy recreation, green play grounds and safe environment to the required level. In the city, most schools, having play ground, don't patronize or arrange for regular physical teaching and sports. And the girls are in the worst condition. Far from the recreation in its true sense, they are not ‘safe’ even at their surroundings. Some bad-mouthed people have labelled these metropolitan children as some 'caged animal' of the zoo.


All these generalizations are meant to say that- we all have responsibility to ensure a fresh and safe environment for these buds to bloom. The concerned authority should take initiatives to create opportunities for extra-curriculum activities at schools, create open playgrounds, parks, swimming poles for both boys and girls. And parents are the most responsible authority for ensuring a healthy environment for the children; for both their present and future.


We can conclude with the commitment made in the poet Sukanta's song-


            I'll make this earth habitable for the child;

            This is my commitment to the child.