Two terrible troubles in Dhaka | 2017-07-02 |

Two terrible troubles in Dhaka

Dr. Forqan Uddin Ahmed

    2 July, 2017 12:00 AM printer

Two terrible troubles in Dhaka

Dhaka is the heart of Bangladesh. This city is highly distorted by two terrible troubles.

One is traffic congestion and the other is water logging.


Dhaka is not only our capital city but also the life-source of our economy. These two troubles are very terrific in nature. These disturb the normal lifestyle of human life. They disrupt the routine work of our daily life. People become handicapped and helpless to it. These are threats to our social and economic mobilisation. They stop effective time management system. They are equally alarming to all service providers, patients, students, businessmen and other income earners. How long will this situation prevail? If they continue for a long time, our society will be damaged and the economy will collapse. It is high time to identify the root causes and find out the remedies.

For traffic jam the crossing points of roads are very vulnerable. They are not well managed. Due to these mismanaged crossing points vehicles normal race is highly disturbed and consequently the average speed is reduced to 10-12 km per hour. Illegal parking is what has become a major cause of traffic jam and this takes place due to the lax law enforcement. Roads, lanes & by-lanes are narrowed down by illegal parking which triggers gridlock.

Another nuisance which also contributes to traffic congestion is the growing trend to drive on wrong lane, even in front of the law enforcers. The roads surrounding major shopping malls, commercial centres like garment factory, govt. offices, bank areas, school & colleges have been experiencing severe traffic gridlock for all these irregularities.

Again, poor planning for movement of various vehicles like truck, bus, mini bus, pick-up, rickshaw, van etc is also responsible for traffic congestion.


Moreover a good number of vehicles without fitness are frequently on road which cause a miserable condition in road for the passengers. Again, mal-intention of the drivers, staffs and other dishonest fellows is the reason for such crisis in this sector.

In this regard, Dhaka Metropolitan Police, City Corporation and Bangladesh Road Transport Authority all three agencies must take comprehensive action plan as package programme by which suffering may be reduced. Coordinated and combined operational workforce need to be detailed to remove the irregularities and to take under law abiding obligations.

Again, water logging is another vital reason for traffic congestion. During rainy season, water is blocked due to poor drainage system and it over flows roads. So water comes to a standstill on the road and this invites other problems for people. People cannot move safely. It pollutes the environment. The increase of mosquito is alarming. People are attacked by skin diseases, fever and other water-borne diseases.

In this regard the city corporation should be very attentive and take remedial measures to improve sewerage system and the roads to be widened and various awareness programmes must be taken from GO and NGO in a coordinated way. It is only the cordial intention and intervention of people, which can make Dhaka more liveable city.


Dr. Forqan Uddin Ahmed, Ansar-VDP Academy, Gazipur