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Heal with cinnamon tea

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Heal with cinnamon tea


Cinnamon has many health benefits. The dried bark of an evergreen tree contains tannis, cinnamanic aldehyd and eugenol, which works as antibacterial. It adds to flavours and taste in tea and different types of food and drinks, and is helpful in treating many diseases and ailments. Add this wonderful spice in yout daily diet for a healthier you. Some of the health benefits are listed below.



Checks diabetes: Cinnamon is considered as a safe supplement for treating diabetes when taken in considerable amounts. It improves glucose and lipid levels and is believed to reduce the total serum and cholesterol. It helps in maintaining the glucose levels in the body.



Tip – Cinnamon tea is sweet and spicy. To prepare, boil cinnamon  for  15-20 minutes in water. Add few tulsi leaves for flavour. Honey can be added as a sweetener.



Treats Alzheimer:  When consumed regularly, cinnamon helps in delaying the occurrence  of  Alzheimer. It acts as a protein and develops around the nerves that are responsible for transmitting impulses of the brain.



Tip –  Have a teaspoon of fresh cinnamon with a pinch of honey on a daily basis on an empty stomach. This mixture can be consumed in the form of tea if found too spicy.



Heals arthritic pain: Arthritic pain can be cured at home with a combination of antibacterial and anti-inflammatory elements. And cinnamon possesses both the properties. Thus, cinnamon helps in relieving painful joints with its natural mechanism of heating.



Tip - Make a paste of cinnamon by grinding it and mixing it with water. Apply it on the aching points and cover it with a soft clothe to keep it wet for as long as possible.



Prevents cancer: A study published by the US Agricultural Department revealed that cinnamon restricts the growth of certain components that are important for the generation of cancer cells, blocks further multiplication of cancer causing cells and gradually reduces their speed.



Tip - You can sprinkle cinnamon on any and every food item. It can also be consumed with honey.



Treats tooth decay: Cinnamon is helpful in fighting tooth decay.It  also prevent cavities and controls bad breath with the help of its antibacterial properties.



Tip - Cinnamon gargles prevent bad breath. One can also chew cinnamon to fight cavities and get relief from tooth ache.



Heart protector: Cinnamon renders lower cholesterol levels which shields the heart from any kind of  blockages. It also protects the  arteries from atherosclerosis.



Tip - Consuming a teaspoon full of cinnamon powder regularly on an empty stomach with honey or warm water helps in protecting the heart.



Treats flu: Cinnamon is helpful in relieving cold congestion as well as sore throat when consumed along with ginger.



Tip -  You can boil a teaspoon of cinnamon powder, adding tulsi leaves, crushed pieces of ginger, crushed black pepper in two cups of water to it. Strain the liquid. Then, add a teaspoon of honey and drink it. This clears the  blocked nasal passage.



Fights acne: Pimples are caused by an infection of pores within the skin. A mixture of cinnamon and honey is an effective and healthy remedy.



Tip -   Mix a little cinnamon and honey to make a paste. Apply it on the effected areas and leave it for a few minutes. The paste can be left overnight for best results. Remove the paste with warm water.



Helps in losing weight: Cinnamon not only promotes the breakdown of carbohydrates but also helps in the production of insulin. It also improves digestion. It absorbs food within the body initiating weight loss.



Tip -  For weight loss, one should drink cinnamon tea at least half an hour before having breakfast. You can also sprinkle cinnamon powder on your food items.



Facilitates digestion: Being rich in fibre, manganese, calcium and other essential oils, cinnamon helps in improving digestion and reduces inflammation. It fights against the Iritable Bowel Syndrome and ulcers. The fiber content of cinnamon helps to relieve constipation and diarrhea.



Tip –  Drinking cinnamon tea with mint leaves twice or thrice a day helps improve digestion.



Cinnamon, when used for the right purpose with the above goven tips, can cure many diseases. Heal with its sweet and spicy flavour.