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How to sharpen your memory

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How to sharpen your memory



Poor memory is a brain condition which many, young or old, suffer from. However, certain food and activities can boost brain functioning and sharpen the memory. Perhaps, a simple regular exercise such as walking or running may help.


Daily exercise may improve brain functioning, scientists say.


Scientists believe that a happy state of mind improves memory power. No wonder some happy memories are vivid in our minds. Now, a new finding shows that daily exercise may improve brain functioning and boost memory power.


The study states that a long-term exercise regimen triggers the production of cathepsin B — a protein that boost brain cell growth. It has been found that the protein can be directly traced from the muscles to the brain in mice — noticeably increased in muscle cells after exercise. The more the mice spent time on exercise wheels, the level of protein increased in the blood and muscle tissue, according to the study led by Henriette van Praag at the National Institute on Aging in the US.


“In humans who exercise consistently for four months, better performance on complex recall tasks, such as drawing from memory, is correlated with increased cathepsin B levels,” van Praag said.


Hence, if you suffer from forgetfulness or is struggling with your child’s performance in studies owing to poor memory, help your child follow a strict daily exercise.


Walking and running is the easiest exercise. Go for a morning run or walk alone or with your child. It’s difficult to start. You have to push yourself to get up and go. But once you get going, it would grow into a habit. So, push yourself for a small fitness routine daily and improve your memory.